It is an accepted fact that kitchen trends keep on changing. What was in fashion a decade ago is no more in demand now. Whether you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or want to make up a new one there are few tips and designs that will help you follow the latest trend.

Forget about big kitchens:

  • In 2014 most of the people prefer small kitchen. Remember that small kitchen has become better and in market, you will find kitchens with small footprints more in demand as compared to big kitchens. If you want to build a latest kitchen go for a functional one with new appliances, colors and plentiful storage just for use.
  • To follow the trends of 2014 try to avoid stainless steel appliances and forget about installing any of them in your kitchen. The new trends prefer to go for classic white or black appliances. Don’t worry for looks because these appliances will make your kitchen look great even when you will be taking pictures of them.
  • As far as your cabinetry goes you should go for grays instead of whites. Although some people still prefer white colors but soft grays are more in trend and they are getting famous day by day. You will surely want to go with gray if you have installed white wood countertops and embellishment in your kitchen. The trends of cabinet functionality are also being redefined now people prefer to fit saucers and pans into narrow places and utensils like spoons, forks and knives into upright bins or stands. If you want to give your kitchen a modern and classy look you should go for upward opening cabinets and on the other hand order your customized drawers according to you needs and use. You can also make different sections in your drawers to keep silverware, cutlery and expensive dishes. The right and proper use of these insert sections will help you go a long way with your kitchen.
  • You need to remember that lighting is the most important factor in your kitchen. A right kind of lighting will give your kitchen a very fashionable look and the decision of choosing lights will determine whether your kitchen looks fabulous of ugly due to poor light fixtures. Tell yourself again and again that you cannot go wrong with scone lightning. Since the latest trends prefer fewer upper cabinets in your kitchen it means you can have more than enough space to decide the right lighting option for your kitchen. Scones for example are the best choice because scones have adjustable arms and they will allow you to change their direction to befit your needs.

So, pick up the right appliances for your home and avoid stainless steel. You need to understand the fact that your home’s beauty will depend on the choice of your appliances and cabinets installed in your kitchen. You should go for commercial grade appliances and latest trend gray cabinets.

kitchen to avoid

If you are planning to sell your house there are many things you should avoid to cut a nice deal with your buyer. It is very significant for good rates to understand the market demand. You need to make your house look valuable and there are something’s that can help you get the desirable price for your house. First of all always try to match the contemporary kitchen trends because kitchens are the most wanted part of a house. To make your house worth attracting you can hire some real estate expert to find out about the ongoing trends. Never go for much pomp and show because whatever big changes you may bring it last only for a few years and buyers may not like that. So, always opt for simplicity and go for those designs that will appeal people at large.

There are some tips that can help you find a better price for your home:

  • Try to avoid appliances garages because the trend of keeping your appliance behind door hidden somewhere is over. People in contemporary times don’t like this approach because appliance garages take a great deal of space and most of the people don’t like wanted space to be covered without any reason.
  • You need to say goodbye to vessel sinks because these sinks are outdated. They were very much in fashion till 2010 but the contemporary kitchens focus more on efficiency and functionality. So now a days people like large sinks and far more better are under-mount sinks because they impress pretty good buyers with modern needs. Above all these sinks do not involve you in much of toil because they are easy to clean and you can have good room to take out your dishes with ease.
  • Hanging pot racks are very useful because they allow you to have good space in your kitchen but in contemporary times they don’t look very much impressive. They drive your buyers away because buyers may think that your kitchen is congested and you lack space so you have hanged these pots. So, whenever you’re uploading pictures of your house for sale always remember to take picture from angles where your kitchen looks big.
  • Avoid having cherry wood cabinets in your house because there was a time when they were quite in demand but now their demand is seeing a decline. The latest fashion that will take your kitchen to a new level of opulence is to go for an attractive wood alternative like bamboo or alder.

This is an accepted fact that if your kitchen is based on an old design than your surely will need some renovation before putting it up for sale. The best way is to consult some experienced real state dealer who will help you deal with the latest trends. So, renovate your house by spending a few dollars to attract good and potential buyers, remember that few dollars will be worth spending if you get thousands in return.